Comedy movies subtitles

  • The Last White Man

    2020 year 98 min 2.8 IMDB
    Ryan Reed, Simone Janai Parrish, Ian Golden, Kelley Marina
    Karl Gordon, an underemployed pizza delivery boy, works in his quiet suburban hometown where romantic, professional, and social failures fuel his hatred for the changing world around him, setting him on a course that can only lead to carnage.
  • Pig Blood Vampire

    2020 year 66 min 2.1 IMDB
    Nick Josephs, Sara Young Chandler, S. Scott McCracken, Paul Hertel
    A face blind man is accused of killing a pig.
  • Bruh.mp4

    2020 year 65 min 8.3 IMDB
    Andrew Burdette, Jake Alexander Williams, Alexis Abrams, Steven Strickland
    A death in his group of friends leads a young man to question his sanity.
  • Elle Rose

    2020 year 100 min 2 IMDB
    Jessica B. Smith, Shaun McMillan, Morgan Lipscomb, Jean-Marc Mavinga
    Two best friends, Elle Rose and Carter, are bossing in every area of their life but failing miserably when it comes to love. When they learn that a special woman in their life is ill, they agree to pretend to be in love to give her her dying wish, but act...
  • El inconveniente

    2020 year 94 min 6.8 IMDB
    Juana Acosta, Kiti Mánver, Carlos Areces, Daniel Grao
    2019, Sevilla (Andalusia, south to Spain). Sara is successful woman in her job as life insurance worker and in the personal sphère by her 8-years marriage with Daniel. Learning about a very much inexpensive apartment in the city, Sara meets real estate a...
  • Human Hibachi

    2020 year 90 min 6 IMDB
    Wataru Nishida, Andrew Hunsicker, Zachary Pun Chung, Carley Harper
    A man documents his girlfriend's 35th birthday on his phone. What he captures throughout the night are the most disturbing human acts imaginable.
  • About Hope

    2020 year 91 min 6.5 IMDB
    Justin Ray, Christine Juarbe, Aaron Groben, Claire Bermingham
    Thomas McKenzie has been searching for the perfect girl his whole life. As Thomas searches he meets Hope Sanchez, a single mom trying to launch a new business. As the two become friends they both start a journey of discovery. One that reveals that the lov...
  • Beyond the Shadows

    2020 year 93 min 4.6 IMDB
    Tyler Roy Roberts, Sam Olive, Weston Hedin, Derrick Woodrin
    Ghosts aren't real. That's why Drexler Faust and his Beyond the Shadows crew fake them for their show. Wanting more fans, Drex and the gang head to the Chetco River Lodge to explore the paranormal activity of the massacred Native spirits from before. The ...
  • Samjin Company English Class

    2020 year 110 min 6.7 IMDB
    Ko Asung, Hyeon-jin Baek, Hyun-Chul Cho, Su-im Choi
    In mid '90s, 3 female high school-grad office workers take up English classes together to get promotions and they team up to uncover corruption within their company.
  • Two by Two: Overboard!

    2020 year 85 min 6.3 IMDB
    Max Carolan, Dermot Magennis, Ava Connolly, Tara Flynn
    Noah's ark drifts on the open seas, with best friends Finny and Leah on board. But, after weeks with no land in sight, food stocks are running low. The fragile peace between carnivores and herbivores could break any second. After a series of unfortunate e...
  • Tiec Trang Mau

    2020 year 118 min 7.9 IMDB
    Thai Hoa, Duc Thinh, Anh Hong, Vi Van Hua
    In a group meeting of close friends, a member suddenly proposed a game of sharing the phone to increase the spirit of "solidarity".
  • Running Naked

    2020 year 92 min 7.9 IMDB
    Tamzin Merchant, Andrew Gower, Matthew McNulty, Kiran Sonia Sawar
    Feel good comedy drama following two friends' journey through life changing events. Cancer survivors Ben and Mark's friendship is tested when a piece of news forces them to change their perspectives. Love, friendship and streaking.
  • Tulsa

    2020 year 120 min 4.9 IMDB
    Scott Pryor, Livi Birch, John Schneider, Nicole Marie Johnson
    A desperate Marine biker's life is turned upside-down when he is united with the sassy 9-year-old daughter he never knew existed.
  • Why Me?

    2020 year 3.8 IMDB
    Josiah David Warren, Juliette Kida, Ammie Masterson, Gary Clarke
    Slater believes he is entitled to a life of luxury at no cost to him, however; when a family tragedy leaves him responsible for the well-being of others, he starts to change his tune.
  • aTypical Wednesday

    2020 year 91 min 6.1 IMDB
    J. Lee, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Seth Green, Sujata Day
    A young man embarks on an adventure with another patient at his therapist's office, who he visits every Wednesday.